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When we spiritually zone out, doze off, fall asleep, we are forgetting that we are in the middle of a What does it mean to be a Christian? Ask 100 people that question and you are likely to get 100 different answers. In Christian, an eight-session DVD Bible study, pastor and bestselling author Andy Stanley explores the one word that Jesus gave his followers that should define them. war--and Satan loves it this way! 


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Wednesday Night 7:00PM

Women’s Ministry centers on meeting the needs of women in the Christian Church. The word 'ministry' comes from the Greek word 'diakoneo' meaning "to serve." Women’s Ministry exists to serve women and to teach them how to serve others. It is action-based and focuses on living a Christian life based on the Bible.

Womens Ministry

Thursdays 10:00AM

Love Anyhow

Tuesdays 2PM

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